Sunday, February 4, 2007

You Are Special

We love the children's book "You Are Special". It's about a community of wooden people called Wemmicks. The Wemmicks give out stickers all day long. The Wemmicks who are smart or brave or talented usually receive gold star stickers. If a Wemmick did something the other Wemmicks did not like he/she would receive a gray dot sticker.
A Wemmick named Punchinello who had many gray dots met another Wemmick that did not have any stickers at all. He asked her how that was and she said that she goes to see the wooden doll maker, Eli, every day.
In the end Punchinello goes to see Eli and learns that Eli loves him and cares for him because he is special to him. Eli tells Punchinello that it only matters what he thinks and Punchinello should not care what the other Wemmicks think.
We went through a period with Kennedy of reading this story every day. She has not requested it in some time so we were surprised the other day when she made reference to it.
Chris and I were both busy picking up and cleaning to get the house ready for market. It was close to bedtime but we let Kennedy stay up a little later to watch a movie so we could get some work done. Her movie wasn't quite over when Chris turned it off and announced that it was bedtime. Kennedy was not happy with that. She scowled and pouted and finally hit Chris on the leg. As she ran off Chris told her to come back. "What did you just do to Daddy that was wrong?"
Kennedy: "I put dots on you!"

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Alison said...

So cute! They understand more than we think, don't they.