Friday, April 18, 2008

Southern Hospitality

I have often been asked of the "southern hospitality" here in North Carolina. "Don't you just LOVE southern hospitality?" I've heard people say. Well, let me just tell you, I haven't really noticed that people here are any nicer than anywhere else I have lived. Here is an example of the "hospitality" that I often encounter.
The other day I was grocery shopping with my two children, not my favorite activity. I had a cart full of groceries and proceeded to the checkout. There was only one line open as the store was almost empty of customers (I could hear crickets in the background). The light above the counter read, "EXPRESS LANE 15-item limit". I knew I had more than 15 items but since it was the only open line and there were no other customers, I pulled my cart forward and started unloading. This is the conversation that followed between me and the checker:

Checker: "Good morning, Ma'am. Uh, how many items do you have in your cart? Oh, you have more than 15-items. You can't come through this line."
Me: "Well, this is the only open line, where am I SUPPOSED to go?????"
Checker (to another employee): "Hey, David, are you open?"
David: "I will be in a minute, I am just opening my register."
Checker: "You can go to the other line. Sorry for the inconvenience."

So, I put my items back in my cart and wheeled it over to another counter and waited for the register to to be put in working order. After a few of my items were rung in the checker from the Express Lane came over and started bagging my groceries!
So much for hospitality. . . .

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How Did That Dinosaur Get Under My Lip. . . .And Other Random Thoughts

Here are some thoughts I wanted to write down this week but have been "consumed" by life and haven't made my self sit down to write a full blog about each.
  • I found out this week that the preschool I took Kennedy out of is closing the end of May and will not open next fall. I know some parents are upset because all the other preschools are full now but all the same, I think it's for the best. I think there is one original teacher who will finish out the school year. Some of the teachers have turned over twice. There is obviously something going on with that place. I know that this is not solely a consequence of our situation but I am sure it was one more thing to add to the list. From what I have learned, the pastor has not been happy with the director this year, neither have I.
  • My garden is doing really well. Strawberries have blossoms, peas are over a foot tall, ferns finally poked up and the raspberry bushes are really starting to get some good leaves.
  • I took Tristan to his 2-year check up last week and there is only a 5 pound difference between him and Kennedy. Last year she could still wear size 3T and he is now in size 3T. He was 97th percentile for weight and about 95 for height. It is funny to watch him tackle Kennedy and wrestle her down. She won't be bigger than him much longer if he keeps it up.
  • Saturday we had a nice little gathering to celebrate Tristan's birthday. He was a little intimidated by being the center of attention (something Kennedy never shies away from).
  • Kennedy is turning out to be quite the orator. A few weeks ago we got a book on CD from the library, "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs", my favorite when I was a kid. We had only had it for about a week when Kennedy started reciting it back to me word for word. I was amazed and she has told the whole story several times. It's not a short book either. Her mind amazes me.
  • You are probably wondering where my title came from. Chris has been having trouble with his back again and took some pain medicine one night before going to bed. He dozed off while saying his prayers and I had to wake him up and help him into bed before he fainted. In the process he looked up and asked, "How did that dinosaur get under my lip?" I don't know sweetie, maybe the tooth fairy put it there.