Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dream Dinners

Yesterday I went to a "Dream Dinners" Sneak Peek. My friend, Monica, was the host of the party. It was really cool.
The company was started by two moms in Seattle, I think. The idea is that you pay for so many meals and then assemble them all at once. The meals are then taken home and stored in the freezer until needed. The meals can be made in 3 or 6 portions. They have the same menu for a month and it changes every month.
So last night at the Sneak Peek we assembled Hawaiian Chicken and Coconut Chicken. It took me about 10 minutes to assemble both meals. The ingredients are all at one station ready to go. Each ingredient had an appropriate measuring tool so it was a no-brainer. Each station has a card with the recipe to follow for whichever size you are making, 3 or 6. The meals we made last night are stored in freezer Ziploc bags. After the meal is assembled, an instruction label is provided to stick on the bag. Very easy.
I could see myself, someday, using this service. The price is about $3/serving, depending on the items chosen from the menu. We had the Coconut Chicken and rice tonight and it was very good. All I added was a salad. I could get used to this!

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Kelly A. said...

Oh I love Dream Dinners! We have another franchise just like it called Super Suppers (except so far I think Dream Dinners has better menus). A brilliant concept.

I don't feel like I spend any more on the grocery budget the months I go.

Here is a tip on another really cool food/grocery program, not the same as Dream Dinners but one that I am loving just as much,
www.marketdays.com Search for your zipcode on their website to see if a school in your area participates. Then you place your order online and go pick it up from the school. It's like picking up your Sams/Costco load at the elementary school, all boxed up and ready to go.

Anything to make the shopping and cooking easier!