Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summertime Fun

I keep thinking things are going to slow down and I will get back into the habit of blogging again but I never seem to have enough in me at the end of the day to write down my thoughts. Life with three young kids is very busy. We have been trying to keep busy this summer too.

Kennedy had her dance recital about a month ago. She did really well. She was in a group that performed a ballet routine and a tap dance. Kennedy was front and center in both dances.

Kennedy and Tristan had two weeks of swim lessons. Kennedy took right to the water but Tristan never did much. I think he doesn't like the idea of not being able to touch the ground. That is kind of scary when you think about it. Jack and I would sit in the baby pool while the other two were in lessons. He didn't like it much at first but now he loves going.

There was a vacation bible school at the church where Kennedy went to preschool. Kennedy and Tristan were able to attend that. I had never heard of vacation bible school until last summer when a church by our house had one and I took Kennedy. She had so much fun she talked about it for months after. I think she and Tristan really enjoyed it this year too. Every once in a while Tristan with break out into, "Jesus in my heart, Jesus in my heart".

Jack turned one on June 10th. He is just growing up. He's a busy little guy. I can't keep up with him. He will empty a drawer and while I'm cleaning that up he's making a mess out of the toilet paper or something.

We are still trying to get Tristan fully potty trained. He has had such resistance to #2 for some reason. We are at our wits end. If anyone reading this has any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them. I feel like we have tried everything. He doesn't respond to incentives at all. At this point I am wondering if he will just have to wear diapers for the rest of his life!

Happy 4th to all. Be safe and have fun.