Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Back!

Ahhh! I'm back. With all the craziness of moving behind me I can finally sit down and write about it. We did have a few hiccups the first few days but we are all settled now. We had a few plumbing problems including a dishwasher that wouldn't drain and a toilet that kept clogging. The dishwasher had a pinched pipe so all the water couldn't get out. After calling the plumber 4 times he finally figured out the problem--a plastic tampon applicator stuck in the bottom. . . it wasn't mine--just weaned Tristan this weekend!
Today the fireplace company came and started up our propane fireplace. It has to be on for six hours--did I mention it's the hottest day so far this year? It's an inferno.
I must say, I love my house. Here is a list of things I love most:
  1. Screened-in porch
  2. Oak floors
  3. The view out my window--or any window
  4. The peace and tranquility of being out in the country
  5. Flagstone walkway
  6. The kitchen
  7. Garden bathtub and separate shower
  8. Skylights
  9. Being closer to Duke so Chris has a little bit shorter commute
  10. Screened-in porch!