Saturday, January 13, 2007

Same Builder, Different House

I went out with a realtor again today. We went in to Churton Grove and toured a few houses. The homes were nice but after walking through a Crabtree home it didn't seem nice enough for the money.

The realtor took me to another Crabtree neighborhood and I liked this house even better than the one I saw last week. The square footage is about the same but it's better utilized. There is a family room and living room on the main floor as well as a dining room and a breakfast room.
All four bedrooms are upstairs and are better sized than the other house. Off of one of the bedrooms is a large, unfinished storage area that I would love to turn into a playroom if we bought the house.

I really liked that the driveway is paved in this one. The other is not. I also like that it's closer to Duke than the other house. It would be about 10 minutes for Chris to get to work, closer than our current home.
This builder has a unique style for this area. The homes have more of a custom-built feel. There are little details all over the house that add style and quality.

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Lucy said...

It looks gorgeous. the time must be getting close. How exciting to have all of that room and everything so nice.