Tuesday, January 9, 2007

O Ye of Little Faith

Lately I have been really concentrating on teaching Kennedy about praying. I have heard stories of children praying for things in impossible circumstances and having things work out right away but I never thought I would have an experience like that.

Today when Kennedy woke up from her nap she wanted to bake cookies. She wanted to make chocolate cookies. I pulled out a recipe and then remembered that we didn't have any brown sugar. I told her the problem then went on to look for a different recipe that didn't call for brown sugar. We found a snickerdoodles recipe that would work. I started pulling out the ingredients to make sure we had everything and discovered I didn't have any white sugar either. I looked in the pantry where I thought was another bag but I didn't find anything. Just as I turned around Kennedy said, "Let's ask Heavenly Father for some sugar. He will help us."
I was a little worried because I just looked in the pantry and knew there wasn't any in there. I asked Kennedy if she would say the prayer. She did. I looked up and there was no sugar. I thought for a minute then remembered that I had a cookie mix (thanks to my sister) in the pantry. I told Kennedy that there was not sugar but there was something else we could use. We mixed up the cookies and had a good time together.
Heavenly Father is probably not too concerned about my chocolate chip cookies but I know he cares about my daughter. I am reminded that if we have faith we can ask for anything and Heavenly Father hears our prayers. I am also reminded that he doesn't always answer our prayers the way we expect them to be answered.


Jay said...

I'm amazed at what my kids will pray for. Their complete faith is humbling.

Lucy said...

Seth often reminds me to pray when I am stressing. Being a parent makes the advice "be even as little children" very clear. Thanks for sharing. Glad you both got your cookies.

Alison said...

Okay, so here's the rest of the story...or the beginning.
I had other ideas for a Christmas present, but none of them seemed to be just right. One day, I was pondering what to give my siblings for Christmas when the idea hit me out of the blue, give them mixes. This was something my neighbor had done for her grown children, but I'd never considered it before. And it did seem just right. Now I wonder if there wasn't some inspiration behind the choice. Perhaps a loving Father was preparing in advance an answer to a little girl's prayer.