Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bread Baking Class

I had another class at Williams-Sonoma tonight. This time it was bread baking. We learned how to make brioche which can also be made into cinnamon buns. I really learned a lot from the class and how all the ingredients work together to make bread. I guess the most enlightening thing I learned was how much temperature makes a difference throughout the process. The teacher checked the temperature of his ingredients and dough several times throughout the process. It was very interesting. Of course I had to buy a digital thermometer after the class so I could come home and put to use what I had learned. At least I got a 10 % discount.


Mary said...

I'm sure glad you're learning all these cooking tidbits that you can pass along to all of us.

Libby said...

How fun for you to take cooking classes. Hey, I just got called in YW after being in primary/nursery for the past 6 years. So of course I thought back to our fun YW days. Oh how I miss our little trips to Fergies!!!!

Alison said...

Brioche--yum. Could you share the recipe and some of the tidbits you learned?