Monday, March 10, 2008


We were busy planting last week. A few weeks ago we placed an online order for some fruit plants and landscaping plants. They came last Thursday just as I was winding down a play date at our house. I spent the next three hours placing some plants in our front landscape area. I would have taken a picture but it would have looked like dirt. The roots come dormant and so there is nothing growing yet. Maybe in a few weeks. Friday we had some much needed rain. It rained all day.Last summer North Carolina experienced the worst drought in history. It seems it could rain all summer and we would not recover. Saturday was still overcast but we worked out in the yard again. This time we planted 7 raspberry bushes, 20 strawberry plants and 1 rhubarb. Again, I would have taken a picture but it doesn't look like much. We do have some peas coming up in our garden though so I know the growing power is there. I sure hope all this stuff works or it will be a lot of time and money misspent.

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