Monday, March 17, 2008

Preschool Drama

Our life has been full of preschool drama the past few weeks. When we started out the year at Hope Creek we learned there would be a new director. We also learned that one of Kennedy's teachers was a woman from our ward. I felt good about sending Kennedy to this preschool and she LOVED the first half of the year. In December both of her teachers quit. This was not something new to the preschool. I think they have on of the original teachers from the beginning of the year.
Even though my friend quit she still substituted there on occasion. A few weeks ago we went on a ward temple trip and ended up carpooling with this woman. She gave me a bunch of information about Kennedy's new teacher that made me uncomfortable about keeping her at this particular preschool.
I wanted to find out for myself what was going on in the classroom so I met with the teacher and that made me feel better. I wondered if my friend was just disappointed that the new teacher didn't continue the same routine and activities as they had done. I was confused about what to do so I asked Kennedy what she thought. Immediately she said, "Mommy, take me out." I was a bit surprised because she has loved having time away from home doing her "own thing". I asked her why she wanted me to take her out and she replied, "Because sometimes Miss Carol yells at us."
That was the last thing I needed to hear. I meant to leave her in her class until the end of March since our tuition has been paid through the end of the month. However, when I met with the director to discuss the situation the reaction I got was not one of support but one of combative behavior. She basically invited me to not bring Kennedy back to preschool. I felt horrible. I didn't want to tell Kennedy that she was never going back to her preschool.
Last Wednesday was her last day. I didn't take her back after that. I am now doing things with her at home and she seems perfectly fine with that.
Next year we will try a different preschool.

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