Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good bye

We said good bye to Grandma and Grandpa today. It was nice to have them here for a few weeks. We enjoyed having family around for the Christmas and New Year Holidays. I think they are probably pretty tired considering what we have put them through.

We started potty training Tristan and he has been doing ok. The first two days were pretty intense and then we were all so frustrated that we decided to put the diapers back on and forget about it for awhile. Then we discovered that he didn't want to go in the diaper anymore. He is really good at holding everything in but getting out is another story. He did a little better today but I have spent a lot of time in the bathroom with him. I pray this will get better each day!


Vanessa said...

Hi. My name is Vanessa Porter and I am friends with Lucy. I linked to your blog today and am certain that I was in the MTC with your husband. We got to be really good friends. I would love to know if this is the Chris Kelsey that went to England in 93. If so, shout out from Sister Porter. How do you know Lucy by the way.

Lucy said...

You guys are bee-yooo-tiful. I know how hard it is to see your mother go.

Good luck with Tristan. I'm getting Henry a potty chair for his birthday. I'm dreading it already.

Vanessa's husband, Corey, was a radiology resident in the same program as Jay but a year ahead. Vanessa and I became friends through a bookgroup and having kids in the same pre-school. She's amazing. What a small world that she served with Chris!!!