Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3 Kids, 3 Messes, 3 Minutes

For some reason I find being a mother of three young children completely draining. Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?

This morning was just a typical day, nothing unusual. Breakfast was served and all was calm and then all of a sudden. . . . . .

Mess #1

Kennedy decided to feed Jack some puffs--I was ok with this because it allowed me to eat my cereal in peace. Kennedy turned to put away the puffs and the container spilled on the floor and Jack started crying.

Mess #2

Tristan leaned over the table to look at the puffs on the floor and spilled a full cup of milk all over the table which then spilled onto the floor saturating the puffs.

Mess #3

I picked up the crying Jack and leaned over to pick up the puffs container and inadvertently pressed his "spit-up button" and he barfed all over the floor.

Yep, just a typical morning!


Alison said...

Going from two to three kids was the hardest for me. So much work, messes, crying, everything! That's why we waited 5 years to have our last! It WILL get better and easier though (as soon as they're all in school). Be patient and try to "enjoy" it as much as you can. The time will pass faster than you think. "The days are long but the years are short."

The Batchelors said...

3 kids are really draining. I'm there too feeling the same way. Way to find humor in it all and even take pics.

The Singer Family said...

Love seeing that I'm not alone! Aside from the messes and insanity and crying and tantrums and tiredness, it really is wonderful though. :)

The Webb Family said...

Oh great Riz is this what I have to look forward too with 3 kids??? I better start gearing up. We are expecting # 3 a girl, in June. I love the pix tho!!

Libby said...

I'm sorry, but that is hilarious. I love that you had your camera handy to document it all. Remember those days back in Denver when we were about the only two that didn't have kids at the time? What did we do with all of our time? Ha Ha! Have a fun day!

Alison said...

That's got to be a world's record. What talented kids you have.