Saturday, February 9, 2008

Weekly News

My internet connection hasn't been working well so I missed a few posts but here is a quick catch up.

Preschool here is pretty crazy. Some people start sending their kids to preschool at age 2. I think that's a little early and couldn't let my Kennedy go that soon. She has enjoyed going this year, however. This is her at the little school she goes to. It's not far from our house but she won't be going back next year.
There is a really good school downtown that so many people want to send their kids to that the school has to do an admission lottery. Kennedy didn't get in last year. We tried it again this year though and got in. The lottery is kind of stressful because there are some intense parents there. In years past people have had multiple family members come to draw more numbers for one child. I don't think that happens anymore.
I'm excited for Kennedy to go to this new school next year. She is a bright girl and I think she will be more challenged there.
The other night we were sleeping soundly when in the wee hours of morning a loud chirping alarm woke us up. I immediately knew it was the smoke detector. I sent Chris running down the stairs to check things out. Meanwhile both kids woke up and my heart was in my throat! Nothing like a potential emergency to keep you from going back to sleep at 4 a.m. Obviously nothing was wrong. We don't know why it went off though.

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Lucy said...

I didn't put Sammy in preschool this year and he's doing fine. Perhaps a little bored, but academically, totally prepared. I would be totally intimidated by that kind of preschool. I don't gets competitive enough. I don't want that kind of rejection so early on.

Glad your scare was nothing scary!