Monday, June 11, 2007

Mickey Mouse Park

Last Sunday we packed up the kids and flew to Orlando where we met two of my siblings, Alison and Steve, and their families. Before we left I knew it would be a great vacation but also very difficult. Tristan is still taking two naps a day and is not used to "sleeping on the go". Nevertheless, we love to travel and we haven't traveled much since Tristan was born 14 months ago so we gave it a shot.

We visited Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom but the best part was being there with family. Little Kennedy adores her cousins. Since we got back we she can't stop talking about Tamsyn, Megyn and Mandy-forget Mickey Mouse!

Some of the highlights from our trip were:

  1. Being with family (of course)
  2. Kennedy's face when she got to hug Alice in Wonderland

  3. The Philharmagic show at Magic Kingdom
  4. Baby giraffes at Animal Kingdom
  5. Swimming with the kids
  6. Free hot breakfast at the hotel!
  7. Finding Nemo the Musical
  8. Watching Kennedy entertain everyone


Lucy said...

It looks like a blast! I'm glad you are in your traveling groove again. You're always welcome to travel and visit us!:)

Alison said...

Wasn't it fun! I love the pictures. I'm going to try to capture the one in the teapot, but if I can't do it maybe I'll have you email it to me.