Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Need a Prince

Kennedy's favorite movie lately is "Barbie: 12 Dancing Princesses" She loves to dance around when the princesses take the stage. Yesterday I turned it on for her while I tried to finish a quilt that has a deadline.
I heard Kennedy pattering around downstairs and then dead silence. I wondered what was going on. When I went down to check on her she was nowhere in sight. I finally found her in the garage. She was getting her ballet shoes that were in the car. She wanted to put them on to dance in the living room. Cute girl!
I went back to my sewing and then I heard her clamouring up the stairs. Tristan was asleep so I poked my head out the door to tell her "shhhh". She ran into her room and grabbed her bear who is supposed to stay in her room now because he's starting to fall apart. When I told her to put him back she said, "but I need a prince". She must have reached the part in the movie where the princesses are dancing with princes.


Alison said...

Cute story. What would we do without our princes?

Kristin said...

Christi–my frinds and I have a recipe blog that we just started.!