Thursday, January 25, 2007

Uncomfortable Call

Over the last week I have interviewed three realtors in hopes of finding someone with the right plan to sell my house. At first my objective was to get as many opinions as possible and then sell the house myself. That was before we put an offer on another house. Now we are feeling crunched for time because our closing date will be April 16. This is all sooner than we anticipated and we aren't in the mood to deal with the hassle of selling the house ourselves.
I interviewed two very competent realtors from two different companies. They both came with a lot of information about my house and other houses in the area. They were prepared to win me over. I was impressed with both. The realtor we are using to buy the other house showed up with a packet that I was expected to read over myself (and understand) then measured all my rooms. Not impressed. Where's the pitch? He did offer his services at a whole percent lower than the other two but when it came down to it I felt more comfortable with the other realtors.
I tried to convince Chris that he should be the one to call our realtor and tell him we were going with someone else. We both knew, however, that I should be the one to call since I did the interviewing. I HATE these uncomfortable situations. I am always so worried that I will hurt someone's feelings or offend or make someone angry. It's ironic because I am the customer and it's my money. That's how I am though. I would rather be inconvenienced than offend someone.
I made the phone call this morning and it wasn't as bad as I though it would be. The realtor was very nice and understanding. That was a load off my shoulders. I seem to make things worse in my mind but when I really do it, it's not so bad. I'm still glad it's over.

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Lucy said...

I'm impressed with all of your interviewing. Very thorough. We have a lady in our ward that I think we'll use. You seem so on top of it. I feel like we have so much to do!