Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Offer

After much deliberation we decided to put an offer on the Weldon Ridge home. We ran into a few snafus though. Before we sent in an official offer we had our realtor enquire about a few things.
1. There is an unfinished storage area above the garage that we thought would be a perfect "bonus room" for the kids to play in. We asked if the builder could finish it. The answer was no.
2. There is some flooring in the hall bathroom and utility room that is not quite our style. We wanted to know if the builder could change that out for us. The answer was no.
After being shot down on both requests we had to think about if we still liked the house. The answer was YES! so we put in an official offer. We wanted to get as late of closing as possible since Chris doesn't start his faculty job until July. We asked for May 15 which we knew as a long shot. Again the answer was no, March 6. We were starting to wonder if the builder just didn't want us to buy the house.
We had our realtor call the builder and ask if she could compromise. She came back with April 16 so I guess we are going to shoot for that. Now we will have to get our house ready for the market. My mom is going to come out to help me with the kids the end of February so hopefully we can get this going and sell our house by the time we close.
Today after church we drove to the house to see how far it is going to be. Our ward boundaries were changed today and we will be going to a building in Chapel Hill. The new house is actually really close to the new building and will be a quicker drive to church than our current home.


Lucy said...

Sounds like you really want that house! too bad the builders are so unflexible. I'm sure everything will work out. And then you'll have this fabulous, big house to enjoy!

Alison said...

Sounds like a great location and a great house, even with those things you weren't happy with. How exciting!