Monday, January 29, 2007

100 Things About Me!

Here it goes!

100 Things About Me. . . .
  1. I was born a small-town girl (population about 2000 when I was born)
  2. I am the youngest of four living children
  3. I was a "surprise" to my parents. . .I'll still be having kids when my brothers are drawing social security!
  4. I hate fresh tomatoes and my dad thinks I'm weird
  5. I pretty much like all colors but my favorite color to wear is red and my wedding colors were purple and yellow.
  6. I love cats, hate dogs, I'm terrified of snakes and I am borderline arachnophobic
  7. I like to cook and love to bake.
  8. In grade school I won 3rd place in the National PTA Reflections Contest.
  9. My junior year in high school I tried out for Miss Dairy Princess. . . .moo!
  10. I wore braces for 11 months and have worn my permanent retainer for 16 years.
  11. I played in a tree hut when I was a child.
  12. I danced on the drill team in high school and was the "drill mistress" for two years.
  13. My senior year on the drill team I won the state drill down.
  14. I tried out for Miss Drill Team Utah and got last place.
  15. I love to travel, I do not recommend the Thunderbird Motel in Las Vegas.
  16. I like to color--yes, with crayons
  17. My favorite hobby is quilting and I meet with a group once a week to quilt.
  18. I was Miss Beaver County and tried out for Miss Utah during my reign.
  19. I can never decide if I like spring or fall better.
  20. I don't like my handwriting.
  21. I'm a wallflower at large gatherings.
  22. I enjoy reading but didn't until about four years ago. I've read more books in the last four years than my whole life combined.
  23. I wear make up every day and don't like to go out of the house or let anyone see me without it!
  24. It bothers me when the word 'everyday' is misused.
  25. I would rather sleep than eat if I had to choose.
  26. My favorite TV program right now is "Lost"
  27. I used to be a big "Knott's Landing" fan.
  28. I took piano lessons for nine years but don't play anymore. . . .I want a piano.
  29. I love a good breakfast.
  30. I have a few really close friends but lots of acquaintances
  31. I sing alto but don't have confidence enough to try out for the church choir.
  32. I drive a Toyota Corolla but have minivan envy.
  33. It grosses me out to clean the toilet--I wear gloves.
  34. I enjoy camping but haven't been in years.
  35. I love musicals. Some of my favorite are "Les Miserables", "The Sound of Music", "The Unsinkable Molly Brown", and "My Fair Lady"
  36. I hate exercising, except for walking and swimming.
  37. I love to play a good April Fool's joke on my dad.
  38. I like to make people laugh. When I die I want my headstone to read, "and everybody laughed."
  39. When I was little I wanted to own a restaurant when I grew up.
  40. I like having company stay at my house.
  41. I love going to antique car shows.
  42. My favorite holiday besides Christmas is Pioneer Day in Beaver, UT
  43. I wish we would sing Christmas songs all year long.
  44. I enjoy watching movies with my husband. I also enjoy watching the Academy Awards, although, I don't do it every year. Especially now that I live on the East Coast.
  45. I love a good nap.
  46. I drink Postum
  47. My favorite chocolate bar used to be peanut butter Twix but now I like Snickers.
  48. In high school and a little beyond I was know as Rizzy.
  49. After I graduated from high school I got a 1987 Toyota pick-up and affectionately named it "Rislone" after the oil additive and to match my nickname.
  50. At 5' 9 3/4" I played a munchkin in the school play, "The Wizard of OZ"
  51. I love a good kitchen tool and used to sell Pampered Chef.
  52. I worked as a medical secretary while my husband was in medical school.
  53. I'm an introvert except when I'm around my family.
  54. I hate making phone calls.
  55. I've had the same Eddie Bower jacket for over 12 years.
  56. I love the sound of the ocean.
  57. I get annoyed with people who have bad cell phone manners.
  58. I have had two c-sections.
  59. I want to go on a cruise when I get brave enough to leave my kids with somebody.
  60. I'm not good at teaching but I love to learn new things.
  61. In college I would sometimes go on multiple dates in the same day.
  62. I would trade style for comfort in shoes.
  63. I hate watching sports on TV, except the Olympics and the Super Bowl (but then I only watch the commercials).
  64. When I was about five I accidentally stuck a knife in my left hand and had to get stitches. After it healed that was how I remembered left from right.
  65. I'm allergic to avocados and Bounce fabric softener sheets.
  66. I love to watch fireworks.
  67. I'm always looking for new recipes
  68. If I had to choose one place on the earth to spend the rest of my life it would be the mountains.
  69. My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough.
  70. I craved hot dogs and green beans when I was pregnant.
  71. I went to the 2002 Olympics and hurt my back falling down the steps of a bus.
  72. I can't remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes.
  73. I wash my face every night before I go to bed.
  74. I love the smell of gardenias and lilacs--gardenias remind me of my mom and lilacs of my grandma.
  75. I eat the crust on my bread before the middle.
  76. I sleep on my side.
  77. I have a 33" inseam.
  78. I don't wear shorts.
  79. I can curl my tongue and do a lip-up, a unique talent that only a few know of.
  80. I don't like to touch raw chicken.
  81. I love a good foot rub.
  82. I own about 50 cookbooks.
  83. Tulips are my favorite flower.
  84. I'm very picky about how my water tastes. It could be that I grew up with the best tasting water in the nation. Beaver recently won a national contest for the best tasting water.
  85. I learned to play a recorder in 6th grade and was selected, along with six other kids in my class, to play for the school board.
  86. I tap my tooth when I have to think hard about something.
  87. I wear prescription glasses.
  88. My first kiss was on a "truth or dare".
  89. I used to really love motor cycles and dated a boy once just because he had one.
  90. My favorite hymn is "Be Still My Soul".
  91. I played the flute in 7th grade.
  92. My freshmen year of high school I played volleyball. I would have kept playing but I didn't like the coach.
  93. I've never had a traffic ticket. (Two days after I posted this blog I was pulled over for going 66 in a 50 work zone so this isn't true anymore! I have to go to court since I was 16 miles over the posted limit.)
  94. I still have a baby tooth that's never fallen out.
  95. I sleep on a pink satin pillowcase that I have had since I left home for college.
  96. I played with Barbie dolls until I was about 13.
  97. I prefer vanilla-based flavors of ice cream. Right now my favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough.
  98. I own a real fur coat.
  99. I cheer for the underdog.
  100. I had a really hard time coming up with 100 things about me and after reading this I realize some of them are silly!


lxg_1114 said...

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Lucy said...

Not silly at all. Very very cool. Especially the baby tooth thing. That is crazy!

I'm so glad that I knew many things on your list. I remember my sister-in-law making the comment to me years ago that medical school friends would become some of our best friends we would ever have. That is certainly the case with you. I'm so glad that we keep in touch.

Nice job!

Alison said...

That was so fun! I might have to give it a try. Your links make me laugh.