Saturday, December 23, 2006

Aching Bones or Kidney Stones?

It's been nine years since that strange onset of my arthritis symptoms. It's hard to believe it was so long ago. It has changed so much of my life and it has taken on many different characteristics. Since I got pregnant with Kennedy it has never been as bad. However, with each child there has been a period of bad health after the pregnancy.
A few months ago something happened in my neck and I was not able to lift my chin off my chest. It took a good week for this problem to heal. I think it was more than likely a pulled muscle triggered by strain and stress from picking up my bouncing baby boy but I personally think that the root problem is my arthritis.
Several weeks ago something happened in my SI joint (lower back, towards the pelvis). I was fine until I took my kids for a walk, then we played outside and when Chris got home from work we went inside and that's when it started to feel bad. After we got the kids fed and in bed I thought that maybe some walking would help loosen things up so I went to the mall to do some shopping. I only went to two stores because by the time I did the walking and had two packages in my hands I could hardly walk. I barely made it back to my car. I went home and Chris helped me to bed.
This pain continued for a few days. I couldn't lift my right leg to put on my pants. Each morning when Tristan woke up I had to have Chris go in and get him because I couldn't lift him out of the crib.
In the meantime Chris was able to move my rheumatology appointment in March up to the following Tuesday. By the time I got in to see the doctor, however, my pain was gone. The doctor sent me to get some blood work and x-rays to see what the problem was.
I received a letter from my rheumatologist the other day and this is what it said:
"The x-rays of your neck and back were essentially unremarkable other than some calcific densities in your abdominal area which the radiologist felt could represent kidney stones. There was nothing in either the neck or the lumbar area or sacrum to suggest evolving spondylarthritis."
I was relieved to know that my spine wasn't fusing together but the thought of kidney stones baffles me. I don't know what happened in my back but I'm pretty sure it wasn't kidney stones. I haven't decided yet if I will have the CT scan done to find out.

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Lucy said...

I think you are such a stoic woman. I am sure I would not handle your daily struggle with half as much grace and patience.

I'm not sure which pain I'm rooting for. From everything I've heard, Kidney Stones comes close to the worst pain when passing. But with someone who has lived with arthritis for nine years, you might beg to differ.

Here's to hoping you are feeling great through Christmas!