Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a nice meal with friends on Thursday. I sure miss family around the holidays but I am so thankful to have good friends here. After the meal all the gals hit the movies--Twilight.

On Friday Chris and a friend went fishing. I spent a whole day taking care of the kids and doing the usual thing--yes, I'm bitter. Not really, Chris deserves a day like that every once in a while. I was just hoping to do some fun, festive activities with the kids. I find it overwhelming taking three kids out by myself right now, with one being a baby and the other a two-year-old.

Chris came home with a hurt back and a head cold so we didn't get our Christmas tree this weekend like we had planned. We did, however, put out our Christmas decorations. Bring on the holidays. . .


Lucy said...

Jay had to work ALL day Friday so we didn't have much holiday happenings over here either. Glad Chris caught a fish but feel bad about his back.

Miss you!

Libby said...

Hey Christi-
It was so fun talking to you and Chris today (and Kennedy too). It was as if no time has passed. One of these days we'll all have to meet up somewhere. I'll check in more often. Take care and have a fun weekend.