Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's kind of a strange experience having a c-section. We checked in at 8:30 and several things had to happen before Jack was actually delivered. Labs were drawn, consent forms signed, monitors placed, etc. We waited around for several hours then all of a sudden I was wheeled down the hall, prepped and draped and they started cutting away. Even though I was numb I could feel them cutting at my innards. It was so strange to feel that but not feel the pain. All at once here came Jack up over the curtain so we could be (almost) the first ones to know his gender.
I think we were a highlight of the morning for the staff. They were all so excited when I told them we didn't know the baby's gender. Bets were placed left and right.
Jack is a beautiful baby. He surprised us with his blonde hair. He looks more like the Lowe side of the family right now. We'll have to see if he keeps the blonde hair. I think he will. He's been sleeping almost constantly since he was born 24 hours ago. I'm sure that will change soon.
Welcome to the world, little Jack.


Kallas Family said...

congrats!!! he is adorable!!

melancholyjune said...

what a cutie! I'm glad (as I am sure you are) that he's here. congrats!!

Lucy said...

Welcome to the world, Jack! Congratulations Chris, Christi, Kennedy and Tristan. What a great moment for your family.

I hope you are recovering easily, Christi, and getting lots and lots of snuggles with that adorable baby boy.