Thursday, May 29, 2008

"It was an accident!"

That is a direct quote from one of our kids' favorite books, "David Gets in Trouble."
Tuesday nights Chris takes Kennedy to her soccer practice. I usually stay home with Tristan. This week, however, we decided to go as a family. Tristan had a late nap and needed to get some running in before bedtime. That being the case we all loaded up in the van as opposed to the Corolla. We headed down the main road. Suddenly a vehicle in front of us slowed down. Chris quickly pressed on the brakes and we stopped just in time. The vehicle behind us, however, didn't . . . .
The good news is that none of us were hurt. The bad news is that the van was.
We pulled over and used a phone from the business across the street to call the police. We waited for an hour before a state trooper came to inspect the accident. Luckily I had a few pieces of candy in the van and a few camp songs in my head to entertain the kids. They were pretty good waiting that long strapped in their car seats alongside a busy road. We were so glad to be done with the exchange that we went to McDonald's for an ice cream sundae.
I've had so many "what ifs" floating in my mind: what if we had left earlier, what if I had not decided to go, etc. But the fact is, we are all ok and I need to get the van fixed quickly. Like I need one more thing to do in the next week and a half!

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Christina Demke said...

I am so sorry you've been in an accident as well! They're horrible. I'm glad no one was hurt! Is the baby here yet?