Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life and Science Museum

Since Monday was a holiday Kennedy didn't have preschool. My friend, Jennifer, called and asked me if we wanted to meet her and her two kids at the Life and Science Museum. Her daughter goes to preschool on opposite days as Kennedy so they don't get to play together very often.
I used to take my kids to the museum more often because Wednesday afternoons are free to Durham County residents. Now that Tristan takes one nap in the afternoon it is basically impossible to get there in time to make it worth it.
Last time we went to the museum Tristan was too little to get out and play. This time he really enjoyed it. Kennedy was interested in some older things too. They really liked the butterfly house. It really is a nice museum and they have made some great improvements since we moved here. I just might have to go back.


Mary said...

Those kids are so-o-o cute. Pictures are wonderful when you're a million miles away. Thanks for sharing. I love you.

Lucy said...

Ah yes...this afternoon nap dilemma. I have it myself here, and it does make going anywhere hard. Your kids are really cute, by the way;)