Thursday, January 31, 2008

Visiting Teaching

I love how visiting teaching has changed with technology. I don't have to make any phone calls anymore! I contact my companion and our sisters by e-mail then report to the supervisor by the same means.

My current route is very easy. My companion and our three sisters are all well-established, active members. We are all similar in age and/or situation. My companion and I like to do things a little differently. Instead of going to each individual's home we take turns hosting a lunch or brunch in our own homes. It's been fun trying new recipes and using recipes I don't get to use very often.

I usually make an egg dish, some kind of coffee cake or breakfast bread and something with fruit. Yesterday I prepared a breakfast burrito bar. I loaded up my Tupperware veggie tray with three different kinds of meat--sausage, bacon and ham, cheese, sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions and green peppers, salsa and sour cream. The scrambled eggs and tortillas were served on the side. I had a fruit platter and a blueberry coffee cake which was a new recipe but very good.

We always have a very good time and the kids get to play together so that means the adults get a moment to chat.


Alison said...

That sounds fun, and yummy, too. Maybe I'll try something like that with my route. My companion and I are turning over a new leaf. No more waiting until the end of the month (we did it today, Jan 31). The reason for our new resolve? They're giving out treats in Relief Society. I guess if it works for the nursery, it can work for Relief Society.

Lucy said...

I'm jealous! I want email contact! Your route sounds fabulous and fun and the way it was meant to be. I'm glad you are friends and make your moments together friendly. What an example.