Sunday, March 18, 2007

Home At Last

Yeah! I have my husband back! Chris has been gone for 10 days. He went to Utah for his brother's wedding, came back for less than 24- hours and had to go to work, then left for Florida for a meeting.

The kids and I went to the airport to pick Chris up last night. We stopped by the mall on the way home. We have to buy some appliances for our new house and need to start shopping. We looked at a few things then went to Chick-fil-a for dinner. When we picked Chris up Kennedy asked him if he got her a present. He was not in a good place for presents so instead he took Kennedy to Build-A-Bear, which is much better than a souvenir from Florida, if you ask me. We are all glad to have daddy back home, where he belongs.

Here are some pictures of my cute kids.

Kennedy with "Flat Stanley". We're helping a friend with her daughter's class project.

Everyone loves Grandma Mary!


Lucy said...

Welcome home, Chris! 10 days is a lifetime, especially when you are doing what you are doing (house stuff and entertaining young kids). Glad he's back and your family is whole again.

Lyssa said...

Yes yes, we all do love Grandma Mary, very much!! I'm so excited to spend a week with her. I'm also glad Chris is home so you're not doing everything by yourself or being lonely without him! I'm so glad you got Kennedy a Build-A-Bear. That makes me smile :) Hope you got my email. Love you!