Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hyper Speed

I feel like my life is in hyper speed right now. I thought things were going to settle down after the holidays. Boy, was I wrong!
I have been teaching Kennedy's preschool twice a week since the first of December. That takes a considerable amount of my time. I am not one to "wing it". Especially with four three-year-olds. If I give any hint of not being prepared they go wild. Besides, I really want to take advantage of the curriculum and teach the kids.
When I contacted a realtor to start looking for a house I had all intentions of just going out to look at neighborhoods then start a serious search around the middle of March. Now, here we are, preparing an offer for a house and it's barely the middle of January.
Today I went over to the prospective house to look at it one more time before we placed an offer. That included taking my two kids, which is always fun. Amazingly enough they were both angels and I was at the house for almost 1 1/2 hours! I went through everything again to make sure there was nothing that bothered me so much that I wouldn't buy the house. This house is a really well-built home and I hope things work out.
To top things off, our church ward is being split this Sunday. I got a call this evening from the stake president's office. The stake president wants to meet with Chris (and me) tomorrow evening. I looked at my calendar and saw a doctor's appointment for Tristan, a trip to the realtor's office for signing, an appointment with a seller's agent for our house and Little Gym for Kennedy at 5:55. I told him we could fit the stake president in at 7:30, which means I have to arrange for a babysitter and means that life is going to stay busy for a while. A meeting with the stake president and "bring your wife" never turns out to be just a light calling!
Life is busy but that doesn't mean I can't stop and take some time to count my blessings.

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Alison said...

wow! Keep us posted on that appointment.